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Support to Telecommunications Service Providers

To meet the Telecommunications Service Providers’ needs in a better, faster and more effective way, OTE has applied the Account Manager, One Stop Shopping and Single Bill principles.

The General Directorate of Domestic Providers is the only point of reference and point of contact — on a national scale — between OTE and Telecommunications Service Providers, so that they are provided with perfect and effective service in a direct, easy and efficient way. The Commercial Operation Directorate (DCO) is the “only” point of entry, collection, management and implementation of all kinds of requests and demands filed by Telecommunications Service Providers.

The implementation and ongoing improvement of the Wholesale-CRM helps raise the level and quality of service provided to Telecommunications Service Providers, while at the same time ensures better and more substantial two-way information. As part of the implementation of the Wholesale-CRM, management and monitoring, Computer Systems are in operation pertaining to the Local Loop Unbundling Service, the ADSL connections, the Carrier Preselection Service, the WLR service and the Number Portability Service. To ensure better management and support of requests filed by Telecommunications Service Providers, OTE adheres to procedures for issuing statistics, reports & summary statements on the services provided, and offers high level after sales support.


To ensure better and more effective service to Telecommunications Service Providers, as well as the smooth and ongoing function of the services provided, OTE operates a Providers' Help Desk on a 24-hour basis, 365 days a year.