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Wholesale Leased Lines

Terminating - Trunk Segments

OTE has changed the way of offering and invoicing Digital Wholesale Leased Lines (WLLs), in accordance with Decision No. 496/052 made by the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) (Hellenic Government Gazette No. 2128/Β/14.10.2008 on the services being regulated), and they are now designated as Terminating – Trunk Segments and Transmission Links.

Their structure is based on the OTE transmission network architecture, which defines 45 Leased Line Trunk Nodes (LLTNs)for the provision of Trunk Segments, which also define the corresponding Regions in Greece, as well as 202 OTE Local Exchanges (L/Es) which belong to the above LLTNs, for the provision of Terminal Segments.

In addition, there are also changes in the way Relevant Backhaul Facility, which is now offered in the form of TerminatingTrunk Segments, is offered and invoiced. It should be reminded that, as part of the needs laid down in the RUO, OTE offers the Relevant Backhaul Facility, which pertains to the transmission & connection of the OTE Local Exchange Physical Collocation area with a Telecommunications Service Provider’s Point of Presence (PoP)