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OTE Ethernet Service

One Service,  A variety of Options

OTE, as part of the modernization of its infrastructure and its effort to meet the increased needs of Telecommunication Service Providers and the market, develops and expands its Ethernet network throughout Greece.

In order to ensure better utilization of the OTE Ethernet network advantages, effective from January 1st 2010, all Ethernet services provided to Telecommunication Service Providers up to now, will be integrated into one “OTE Ethernet” Service.

The “OTE Ethernet” Service, is offered at lower rates and covers the needs of Telecommunication Service Providers for fast, flexible and secure Data Transmission, without any restrictions or additional investments.

The service is provided on an end-to-end basis, at speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to 10Gbps and enables the set up for both Local and Long Distance connections.

The points of presence of the “OTE Ethernet” Service have been increased, covering 151 OTE's Local Exchanges, in 30 Urban Areas throughout Greece, which can be connected with one another.

All existing customers of the OTE Wholesale Ethernet services (Advanced & Basic Ethernet) will use the Integrated “OTE Ethernet” service from January 1st 2010.

Furthermore, without any additional charge, they will enjoy more options at lower rates and more efficient network management.

For further information concerning the provision of the “OTE Ethernet” service, press here.