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Wholesale Line Rental - WLR Minimize

Thanks to the Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) Service, a Telecommunications Service Provider will be able to lease out the access line (PSTN & ISDN BRA) of an end customer and provide him with fixed telephony services, under his own Brand Name.

The Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) service by OTE provides a Telecommunications Service Provider with a significant business opportunity, as the latter is able to provide integrated services to its end customers, who will now receive one single bill, and establish an exclusive contact and relationship with its customers and their needs.

A necessary prerequisite for the provision of the WLR service is to combine it with the Carrier PreselectionScheme 3, Service, which offers subscribers the option of choosing, on a permanent basis, that all their telephone calls are carried through the specific Telecommunications Service Provider, without having to dial a characteristic prefix or code number.

Thus the combination of the Wholesale Line Rental and the Carrier Preselection Service (CPS) allows a Telecommunications Service Provider to lease a telephony access line from OTE and offer call and fixed fee services to end customers, issuing one single bill for each one of them.

The WLR service offers:

  • One single bill for a customer, thus enables closer and exclusive contact with and access to their needs
  • The ability to have direct access to the market.
  • An easy and simple procedure for the activation, cancellation and monitoring the progress of requests processed through the Wholesale-CRM Information System.
  • Provision of a Basic Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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