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Collocation Services

A Telecommunications Service Provider can choose to install its telecommunications equipment in the OTE buildings, or elsewhere through a network interconnection, depending on its investment and its clients’ needs.

OTE Wholesale offers the following collocation alternatives:

  • Physical Collocation (PC):
    OTE will provide an especially arranged area in its buildings with all available conveniences (easy access, fire detection, air conditioning, security) for the installation of the Provider’s telecommunications equipment. At the same time, relevant conveniences are provided for the Telecommunications Service provider to offer Local Loop Unbundling Services:

    Relevant Physical Collocation (PC) Facilities :

    • PC Internal Link Cable Connection Service
    • PC Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) Service

In addition the Relevant Backhaul Facility pertaining to the transmission of telecommunications traffic from the PC area through the OTE network to the Provider's POPs, is provided.

  • Remote Collocation (RC) :
    If a Telecommunications Service Provider has installed equipment in a place other than the OTE Local Exchange and wishes to receive Local Loop Unbundling Services, OTE will provide the Remote Collocation (RC) service. As part of the said service, it is possible to connect the OTE Main Distribution Frame, at the Provider Reception Manhole (PRM), to the Provider’s privately owned copper pair cable which is routed to the Provider’s installations, at its POP. The said convenience is different in Local Exchanges with less than 5000 subscribers where the Provider Reception Manhole must be constructed by the Telecommunications Service Provider.

             Relevant Remote Collocation (PC) Facilities :

  • Connection of the OTE Internal Link Termination Cable (ILTC) to the Provider’s External Link Cable (ELC).
  • ILTC - ELC Connection in the Telecommunications Service Provider Reception Manhole (TSPRM), which is constructed by the Telecommunications Service Provider.

Moreover, wherever it is feasible and after special agreement with the Telecommunication Provider, OTE provides the Remote Collocation service for Local Exchanges with less than 5000 subscribers, in accordance with measure 4.2 of the Program “Broadband Development in Greek Province” of the Information Society

Benefits of Collocation Services:

  • The service is provided all over Greece.
  • Development of integrated solutions (technical designs, budgets).
  • Immediate and easy provision of network access.
  • Continuous development of new Collocation services according to the European telecommunications market.

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