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Interconnection Services

Interconnection Services allow users of other Telecommunications service and network providers to communicate with users of the OTE's network or third Telecommunications service and network providers' users, plus to have access to services provided by OTE or other networks.

Interconnection is addressed to Telecommunications service and network providers, who are entitled of interconnection, in order for them to take advantage of all or part of Interconnection services offered by OTE, as describes bellow:

Offered Interconnection Services

Carrier Preselection Service

It offers OTE subscribers the ability of a permanent choice of selecting another Telecommunications service and network provider as far as one or more call types procession is concerned, by automatically adding the preselection code during call set-up.  

Call Termination to the OTE network

  • Wholesale termination to OTE geographical numbers
  • To OTE short code numbers
  • To OTE Freephone (800), Onehpone (801) numbers
  • To premium rate OTE numbers.

Call origination from the OTE Network

  • Wholesale call origination
    • Over Carrier Selection, Carrier Preselection
    • Over the 807 series numbers
    • Over the 800 series numbers
  • Call origination to a provider’s Geographical / Non Geographical numbers


  • In Combination with wholesale termination
  • In Combination with wholesale origination
  • Towards third networks

International traffic services

  • International incoming call termination to domestic network providers, via OTE network
  • International outgoing call termination, via OTE network

To implement interconnection, a physical and logical connection between the provider’s telecommunication network and the respective OTE network, at pre-defined points therefore offered by OTE, is necessary.

To initialize the interconnection procedure, service and network providers must submit the initial interconnection Application Form to OTE Directorate of Domestic Providers, 99 Kifissias Ave., 151 24 Maroussi, along with the necessary accompanying documentation. Thereinafter an Interconnection Agreement between the two parties will be signed and technical implementation of interconnection will follow.

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