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Interconnection Links

To establish an interconnection with OTE, Telecommunications Service Providers are able to connect their points of presence with the predefined OTE interconnection points through 2 Mbps interconnection lines. Thus a physical and logical connection between the two networks is implemented and the Interconnection traffic is routed.

Interconnection Links can be provided both at a local and long distance level, thus ensuring significant flexibility, while the necessary equipment is installed by OTE.

H-ZEUS Interconnection Semi-Link Service

Thanks to the H-ZEUS service, OTE enables Telecommunications Service Providers to establish an Interconnection at a point near the OTE facilities (at a distance of approximately 50 m). The Fiber Optic Interconnection between OTE and the Telecommunications Service Provider is implemented through an optic link inside the Provider Reception Manhole (PRM). The optic link inside the PRM is the demarcation point between the OTE and the Provider’s networks.

Based on the H-ZEUS service, 2 Mbps interconnection links are established between the OTE Local Exchange and the Telecommunications Service Provider’s area through an STM-1 carrier frame, and such links are used for the Provider’s interconnection traffic transfer.

Thanks to the H-ZEUS service, a Telecommunications Service Provider is able, utilizing its own infrastructures, to cut down on the cost of Interconnection traffic transfer.

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