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ARYS - Wholesale ADSL

The Wholesale ADSL ("ARYS") service of OTE provides connections of asymmetric bitrate between:

  • the ADSL terminal equipment (modem/router) located at the end-user’s premises and
  • the corresponding Broadband Remote Access Server (BB-RAS) of the OTE ADSL network (ARYSBRAS service)

Using the ARYS service which is based on ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) technology, high data transmission and continuous Internet connectivity are achieved. The basic characteristic of this asymmetric technology is that the download rate is higher than the upload rate.
The ARYS service is addressed to domestic Telecommunications Service Providers and is used for data transfer through Internet. Based on the network infrastructure of OTE, each Provider has the capability of creating his own ADSL retail services with no additional investments and operational costs, delivering them to his end-users under his own brand name.
The following ARYS packages are available:

Downstream Rate
Upstream Rate
up to 2.048
up to 512
up to 4.096
up to 1.024
Premium 24
up to 24.576
up to 1.024

To provide an integrated broadband access service to the end-users, both ARYS and OKSYA services are required.
The ARYS service is provided under the terms and the conditions of the OTE Reference for Broadband Offer (RBO), which is approved by the Greek NRA (EETT). In the context of the above, a Basic Service Level Agreement (Basic SLA) is supported, describing the terms and the conditions under which OTE is committed to providing the ARYS service and to restore any possible faults.
At the Local Exchanges (LEs) where collocation is not technically feasible, or in the cases where the DSLAM equipment is located at the OTE outdoor cabins, OTE offers in addition to ARYSBRAS the service ARYSDSLAM. which provides asymmetric connections between the ADSL terminal equipment (modem/router) located at the end-user’s premises and the multiplexing node located at the LE of OTE.

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