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OKSYA - Integrated Central ADSL Service Connection

The OKSYA service is addressed to domestic Telecommunications Service Providers and concerns the physical and logical connection between the Provider’s equipment and the broadband network of OTE, in order to support the data traffic of his end-users.
The OKSYA service provides a network connection between the Provider’s Point of Presence (POP) and the Broadband Remote Access Server (BBRAS) of OTE’s network, which supports the Provider’s end-users (OKSYABRAS service).
The OKSYABRAS service provides connections with Gigabit Ethernet interface (GbE) and is available in the following types:

  • Local OKSYA: is available at all Points of Presence (POPs) where BRAS are installed, for routing ADSL traffic from all BBRAS nodes in a particular area to the Provider’s POP
  • Regional OKSYA: is available at Points of Presence (POPs) in Athens and Thessalonica for routing ADSL traffic from the BBRAS of Southern and Northern Greece respectively to the Provider’s POP
  • National OKSYA: is available at a central connection point (Athens POP) for routing ADSL traffic from all BBRAS to the Provider’s POP

At OTE’s Local Exchanges (LE) where the ARYSDSLAM service is offered, OTE provides the OKSYADSLAM service. The OKSYADSLAM service is a local interconnection (GbE) which collects the data traffic of the Provider’s end-users (deriving from one or more DSLAMs that belong to a particular LE) and delivers it through a “local” circuit to the Provider’s POP located within the geographical area of the LE, or to the manhole of the LE.
OTE provides the following types of OKSYA:

* The OKSYA service at 40Mbps, 150Mbps and 250Mbps is available since June 2011

OTE’s points of presence (POP) where BBRAS equipment has been installed, are shown here
For the provision of OKSYA access Type A, an optical path protection combined with dedicated paired Gigabit Ethernet interfaces is offered.
Through the OKSYA service the following are made possible:

  • wide range of speeds, reaching up to 10 Gbps
  • nationwide coverage
  • use of OTE advanced network infrastructure, with no need for additional investment and operating costs

To provide an integrated broadband access service to the end-users, both ARYS and OKSYA services are required.
The OKSYA service is provided under the terms and the conditions of the OTE Reference for Broadband Offer (RBO), which is approved by the Greek NRA (EETT). In the context of the above, a Basic Service Level Agreement (Basic SLA) is supported, describing the terms and the conditions under which OTE is committed to providing the OKSYA service and to restore any possible faults.

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