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Wholesale Leased Lines

Wholesale Leased Lines (WLLs) are Voice and Data transmission circuits which used by a Telecommunication Service Provider to be able to interconnect either its own nodes or one of its clients to its network. Depending on their Technical Structure, Wholesale Leased Lines are designated as Analogue and Digital lines.

1. Analogue Leased Lines :

Analogue Leased Lines are provided in accordance with the international ITU-T recommendations and they can be either M-1040 quality Lines appropriate for Voice transmission, which require no special measurements, or M-1020/1025 quality Lines appropriate for Data transmission, which do require special measurements.

Analogue Leased Lines are provided as point to point (p-t-p) interconnected analogue circuits via the OTE Digital Centers depending on copper availability and optimum use, without following the architecture of the OTE Nodal Network, as required for the Wholesale provision of  Digital Leased Lines, which is described below.

2. Digital Wholesale Leased Lines,  in the form of Terminating - Trunk Segments :

Digital Wholesale Leased Lines (End to End) are classified as Terminating – Trunk Segments and Transmission Links. 

Their architecture is based on the OTE Transmission Network architecture, which defines:

  • 45 Leased Line Central Nodes (LLCNos) for the provision of Trunk Segments, which also define the corresponding Regions in Greece and,
  • 202 Local Exchanges (L/Es) which belong to the above LLCNos, for the provision of Terminating Segments

A Wholesale Leased Line comprises:

  • Terminating Segment, or a Trunk Segment or a combination thereof
  • Transmission Links where Terminating and Trunk Segments are gathered in order to be routed from the OTE Network to the Service Provider’s Network.
  • A Coupled Circuit may comprise: A Terminating – Trunk segment, or a Terminating – Terminating segment, or a Terminating – Trunk – Terminating segment, which are of the same capacity and are linked to one another.

Wholesale Leased Lines are available at the following capacities: 64 kbit/s, 128 kbit/s, 256 kbit/s, 384 kbit/s, 512 kbit/s, 1024 kbit/s, 1920 kbit/s, 2 Mbit/s, 34 Mbit/s, 45Mbit/s, 155 Mbit/s  and 622 Mbit/s.

Press here to see a detailed description of the Terminating – Trunk Segments Services and of the Transmission Links and Coupled Circuits

The OTE Wholesale Leased Lines offer :

  • Access to Telecommunications Service Providers’ points of presence, as well as at third party points (Client)
  • Economies of scale through the grouping of Terminal & Trunk segments in Transmission links
  • Advantageous solutions adapted to the special needs of Telecommunications Service Providers and their clients
  • Extensive National Coverage
  • High Level of availability and Service management
  • Two-way protection along the network
  • Flexibile use of the range of speed s
  • Reduced investment cost by using the required and appropriate part of the OTE Network

 Wholesale Leased Lines Pricelist