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Wholesale Leased Line Ethernet Services offer reliable and secure data transfer at high speeds. Telecommunications Service Providers (TSPs) using OTE's ever growing Ethernet network can design and implement their own architecture, tailored to their specific needs and client requirements.


Network Development

Enabling TSPs to provide extended commercial activities to new Points of Presence (PoP) without additional investment and operating costs.

Connection with Physical Collocation (PC)

In order to carry traffic to and from a TSP's proprietary DSLAM nodes and provide broadband services.

Connection with Clients

Providing integrated services in order to carry large amounts of data and create single corporate networks.

Available Services

Optical Access

Allows the connection of a TSP’s or a TSP’s client PoP with the Ethernet network via optical fiber and a suitable Terminal Equipment (Carrier Ethernet NTE) provided by OTE.

It is available in capacities 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps and can be combined with additional high-availability services (double-routing and / or double-entry protection).

SHDSL Access

Allows the connection of a TSP’s TSP’s or a TSP’s client PoP with the Ethernet network via existing copper infrastructure and the installed OTE DSLAM.

It is available in capacities 2 Mbps and 4 Mbps using two pairs of copper, and is delivered to a suitable terminal equipment (SHDSL NTE) provided by OTE.

Physical Collocation (PC) Access

Allows the connection of the TSP’s equipment inside the Physical Collocation with the Ethernet network, meeting the TSP’s backhaul needs.

It is delivered to an optical distributor inside the Physical Collocation and the available capacity is 1 Gbps.

Local / Wide Area Circuits (EVCs)

A dedicated, symmetric connection of a TSP's PoP with another TSP’s PoP, TSP’s client PoP, or Physical Collocation via the Ethernet network.

The Service is available in conjunction with Access Services, with capacities up to 200 Mbps.

OTE Wholesale can meet implementation requests of circuits in capacities outside the Reference’s Offer range (from 250 Mbps to 1 Gbps), as well as special technical requirements of the TSPs.


Additional Information 

Wholesale Leased Lines Ethernet Services are available under the terms of Wholesale Leased Line Reference Offer (FEK Β΄1875/31-07-2013).

For more information please contact the Directorate of Domestic Providers or the responsible Key Account Manager.

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