Interconnection Services

Interconnection Services provides the physical and logical connection between telecom networks allowing their subscribers to communicate and gain access to services across different networks.


  • Subscribers can communicate and have access to OTE and other Telco's services.
  • Single point support for telcos wishing to gain access to third parties networks through interconnection with OTE.
  • Provision of access towards international destinations at High quality and competitive prices.


  • Call termination towards geographical numbers, short codes and other non-geographical, OTE and third party services. 

  • Call origination from OTE network, towards geographical numbers short codes and other non-geographical numbers of the interconnected network.

  • International traffic services.

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Interconnection FAQs

Interconnection FAQs

What is required in order to receive Interconnection Services?

1. In order to receive Interconnection Services, you must submit the Interconnection Services Application, which includes the following data:

• Company Details (Name, Commercial Name, Contact Information, Legal Representative etc.).

• Complete list of Interconnection Services that are requested from OTE.

• Your company’s Invoicing department (including contact details).

• The necessary legal documentation.

• Description of your I-SBCs nodes and networking equipment.

• Topology of your network’s I-SBCs points.

• Selection of physical interconnection method among options offered.

• Analytical details of Logical Interconnection’s elements.

• Selection of desired Interconnection capacity in voice channels.

• Application submission date.

2. Signing the Interconnection Agreement between ΟΤΕ and your company.