NP - Number Portability

The Number Portability Service is the option offered to subscribers for maintaining their telephone number when shifting from one Telco to another.

The service is available in geographic and non-geographic numbers. It includes mobile numbers, special charge numbers, short codes, etc.


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What are the requirements for Number Portability Service?
  1. Initially you have to apply to NRA for (optionally) granting Spectra as well as Portability Prefix. (

  2. NRA will proceed in activating your company in the National Portability Database (NPD), providing you a Service Provider password as well as access codes to NPD.

  3. Subsequently you sign the Portability Contract with OTE.

  4. Afterwards, you notify NRA, ΟΤΕ and the rest of the Telcos via liaison points that will be assigned, the prefixes 5xxyyy as well as possible spectrums assigned to you. In the same time, you notify ΟΤΕ with the data requested (contact details, company details), required for OTE Information Systems update.

  5. This process is concluded, after the formal confirmation from OTE regarding the activation of prefixes in OTE’s network.