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Wholesale xDSL (A.RY.S. / V-A.RY.S.)

xDSL A.RY.S. / V-A.RY.S. service provides asymmetric bitrate connections between subscriber’s equipment (modem / router), supplied by Telco and the Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS) at OTE’s Local Exchange (LE).

A.RY.S., stands for ADSL access, supporting data speeds up to 24Mbps, while V-A.RY.S. refers to VDSL access, offering high speed data speeds of up to 50Mbps.

Subscriber traffic is routed to Telcos’ network, using an associated O.KS.Y.A. / SY.ME.F.S. service .

The service is available at the following speeds:

Access Speed Downstream Upstream 
A.RY.S. 24/1 24 Mbps 1 Mbps
V-A.RY.S 30/3 30 Mbps 3 Mbps
V-A.RY.S 50/5 50 Mbps 5 Mbps


  • Delivery of own branded, custom-made xDSL retail services, using OTE’s network infrastructure, by minimizing investments and operational costs.
  • Advanced quality broadband services (high speeds as well as OTE high capacity & reliable network).
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA), (delivery & troubleshooting) and simple support processes.
  • National wide broadband coverage for Telco customers


  • for new Telcos: Potential extension of Broadband service Market easily, timely and at a minimum cost.
  • For existing Telcos (already established, “plug & play”network infrastructure): Offer reliable DSL services to their customer base.

Additional Information

A.RY.S./V-A.RY.S. service detailed information can be found at OTE’s Wholesale Central Access Reference Offer - RBO


For A.RY.S./V-A.RY.S. pricelist, please press here

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A.RY.S. / V-A.RY.S. FAQs

How can I order A.RY.S. / V-A.RY.S.?

For start you have to be a licensed Telco.

Then you have to contact OTE Wholesale in order to register as an OTE Wholesale client.

Afterwards you have to sign Wholesale Central Access Reference Offer contract.

If you have followed all the steps described above,you can apply and monitor your A.RY.S. / V-A.RY.S. orders & connections.

What are the prerequisites for ordering A.RY.S. / V-A.RY.S.?

You have to sign Wholesale Central Access Reference Offer contract.

Moreover, you have to order an O.K.SY.A. or SY.ME.F.S. supplementary service at the central Exchanges collecting DSL traffic from one or more L/E that provide A.RY.S. / V-A.RY.S. services.

Is there any time commitment for A.RY.S. / V-A.RY.S.?

You can request A.RY.S. / V-A.RY.S. service termination for a customer whenever you want.

Where can I find A.RY.S. / V-A.RY.S. prices?

Current A.RY.S. / V-A.RY.S. one-off and recurring fees are always announced at

These fees are defined by local NRA on an annual basis.

A.RY.S. / V-A.RY.S. recurring fee applies from the day after delivery of the service regardless of the DSL modem installation at customer premises.

What’ s the difference between A.RY.S. & V-A.RY.S.?

The only difference between A.RY.S. & V-A.RY.S. is that A.RY.S. provides ADSL speeds (up to 24 Mbps), whereas V-A.RY.S provides VDSL speeds (30 & 50 Mbps) when it is feasible.

How can I announce a fault for A.RY.S. & V-A.RY.S.?

When you face a problem with your customer services, you can use WCRM-DSL system not only to announce a fault, but also to monitor fault management as well.