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angle-left Ο.K.SΥ.Α./ SY.ME.F.S.

Ο.K.SΥ.Α. / SY.ME.F.S. - Integrated Central DSL Service Connection

O.K.SY.A. is an interconnection service between OTE and Telco peer networks, enabling the delivery of end-users traffic to/from Telcos’ network.

More particularly,  O.K.SY.A. service provides the physical and logical connection between Telcos’ Point of Presence (PoP) and Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS) or Aggregation Switch, located at OTE’s Local Exchange (LE), which supports end-user traffic.

Layer 3 (O.K.SY.A. BRAS) and Layer 2 (O.K.SY.A. DSLAM) flavors of the service are available.


Layer 3 connection between Telcos equipment and OTE Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS) that supports Telcos’ end-users traffic.

  • Selection among three demarcation / interconnection points:
    • Physical collocation space at OTE L/E**
    • Telco premises
    • OTE’ manhole located in the proximity of OTE’s L/E.
  • Service Offered depending on the desired coverage area:
    • National (Greek Territory),
    • Regional (Northern or Southern Greece) or
    • Local
  • Offered at a wide range of committed access capacities, from 20Mbps up to 10Gbps.


Layer 2 connection between Telco equipment and OTE Aggregation Switch that supports Telco end-users traffic.

  • Selection among four demarcation / interconnection points*:
    • Physical collocation space at OTE’s L/E(SY.ME.F.S. service)
    • Telco premises
    • Telco Cabins (where distance collocation service exists)
  • OTE manhole located in the proximity of OTE L/E.
  • Delivered at local level only, supporting the traffic of end-users connecting to a particular aggregation switch.
  • Offered at a wide range of committed access capacities, from 20Mbps up to 10Gbps.

*Based on the terms and conditions described in the respective OTE’s reference offerings “OTE Wholesale Central Access Reference Offer - RBO” and OTE Wholesale Local Access Reference Offer- RUO” . 

**”SY.ME.F.S.” service


  • Wide range of access capacities, tailored to Telco needs
  • Option to select between two different QoS offerings (L2 / L3 service).
  • National-range coverage.
  • Minimizes the need for additional investment and operational costs, by taking advantage of OTE advanced and reliable network.
  • Secure and reliable service based on an end to end fiber optic network.
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreement  (Fast and guaranteed service-delivery and fault-restoration) .


O.K.SY.A. BRAS - A Complementary service to the A.RY.S., V-A.RY.S., VPU & VPU Light products for the delivery of the associated subscriber traffic to Telco network, via a L3 interconnection service.

O.K.SY.A. DSLAM - A Complementary service to the A.RY.S., V-A.RY.S., VPU & VPU Light products for the delivery of the associated subscriber traffic to Telco network, via a L2 interconnection service.

Additional information

Detailed information regarding O.K.SY.A. / SY.ME.F.S. service can be found at the respective OTE reference offers:

O.K.SY.A./SY.ME.F.S. BRAS: Wholesale Central Access Reference Offer
O.K.SY.A./SY.ME.F.S. DSLAM: Wholesale Local Access Reference Offer


For O.K.SY.A./SY.ME.F.S. service pricelist, please press here

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How can I order Ο.K.SΥ.Α./ SY.ME.F.S.?

For start you have to be a licenced Telco.

Then you have to contact OTE Wholesale in order to register as an OTE Wholesale client.

Afterwards you have to sign Wholesale Local & Central Access Reference Offer contracts.

If you have followed all the steps described above, you can apply and monitor your Ο.K.SΥ.Α. or SY.ME.F.S. orders & circuits through WCRM-DSL system.

How much does it take to implement Ο.K.SΥ.Α. / SY.ME.F.S.?

It depends on Ο.K.SΥ.Α. flavor and if the appropriate infrastructure is available.

You can find more details in Wholesale Central & Local Access Reference Offers.

How can I select the proper BNG if there are more than one BNGs in a Central Exchange?

You have to apply to all the BNGs of the specific Central Exchange .

Can I have Ο.K.SΥ.Α. / SY.ME.F.S. in the same Central Exchange with different demarcation point?

Ο.K.SΥ.Α. or SY.ME.F.S. flavor (BRAS or DSLAM) should have the same demarcation point in a Central Exchange.

There are specific flavors for each Central Exchange depending of the type of existing Collocation Service etc.

Is there any time commitment for Ο.K.SΥ.Α./ SY.ME.F.S.?

There is a time commitment for six (6) months period.

Afterwards, you can terminate Ο.K.SΥ.Α. / SY.ME.F.S. circuit whenever you want.

Can I choose between optical interfaces for traffic delivery?

Ο.K.SΥ.Α./ SY.ME.F.S. is provided at 1G optical interface (or 10G wherever possible).

There is a single mode fiber Ethernet interface per BNG.

You are able to declare the optical interface type you prefer (Long, Intermediate, Short) while placing Ο.K.SΥ.Α./ SY.ME.F.S. order.