angle-left Short Codes / Non Geo


Short codes

3-6 digit short codes fall into the following categories:

Short codes Categories Number Series
Non premium short codes (urban charge cap) 10-11 (except 116,118), 181-183
Emergency Services i.e. 100,108,112,166,199, 197,1056,116000 
Phone  directory Services 118 
Fault Management Services 137
Helpdesk & Customer care services 138
Premium rate short codes / Multimedia Information Services 14 & 190 - 196
Premium rate short codes / Social Care Services (Fundraising) 198ΥΧ (where Υ=8-9 & Χ=0-9)
Premium rate short codes / Multimedia Information Services (Non Profit Operators) 198ΥΧ (where Υ=0-5 & Χ=0-9)
Multimedia messaging services 54

Non-geographic numbers

10 digit numbers (except 807 series) with 7,8 or 9 fall into the following categories:

Non-geographic numbers categories  Non-geographic numbers series
Personal Number Service  70
Freephone 800
Shared Cost (Onephone)  801
Prepaid Calling Cards  807
Premium  rate Services  ( with retail charge cap)  806, 812, 825, 850, 875
Data Services (Dial-up internet services, Hellaspac) 896, 899
Premium  rate Services 901
Premium  rate adult-only Services 909


In order to have access to all the above services an Interconnection agreement between the operator and OTE is required.


  • Telcos subscribers have access into a multitude of services offered.
  • Absolute transparency in terms and transactions guaranteed via interconnection contracts.
  • OTE offers a wide range of interconnected partners and services.