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How can I order VPU FTTH?

For start you have to be a licenced Telco.

Then you have to contact OTE Wholesale in order to register as an OTE Wholesale client.

Afterwards you have to sign Wholesale Local Access Reference Offer contract.

If you have followed all the steps described above, you can apply and monitor your VPU FTTH orders & connections through WCRM-LLU system.

There is also an API interface provided for order management automation.

How can I find out if I can provide VPU FTTH to a certain customer?

There is a VPU FTTH availability tool in WCRM-LLU system.

You are able to find out if VPU FTTH is available at the address of your customer premises by using this tool.

VPU / FTTH is provided at specific addresses announced to every Telco according to the VLU Product Specifications defined by local NRA.

Detailed list of the districts where VPU FTTH is currently available is announced through WCRM-LLU system.

How much does it take to implement VPU FTTH?

It depends on whether the building has already optical infrastructure or not.

There is an SLA for every phase of VPU FTTH implementation that includes optical infrastructure construction.

You can find more details in Wholesale Local Access Reference Offer.

How can I find out if a certain customer has already optical connectivity?

When you enter the appropriate customers details and before you place the order, WCRM LLU will indicate optical infrastructure connectivity up to the demarcation point.

You can use this information to estimate the time needed for VPU FTTH implementation

Do I need anything else?

Of course, you have to order an OKSYA or SYMEFS (DSLAM flavor only) supplementary service at the central Exchanges collecting traffic from one or more OLTs that provide VPU FTTH services.

Is there any time commitment for VPU FTTH?

There is a time commitment for two (2) months period.

Afterwards you can terminate VPU FTTH service for a customer whenever you want.

Why don’t I have the choice to select optical construction type inside the building (BEP / Floor Box)?

The appropriate technical solution is decided per case after a site survey conducted by OTE technical experts, taking into account the special features of the building in order to construct internal optical cabling to every floor (so as FTTH is available to all the rentants in the future).

How can I announce a fault for VPU FTTH?

When you face a problem with your customer services, you can use WCRM LLU system not only to announce a fault, but also to monitor fault management as well.

A Web Services API interface is also provided for communication with OTE’s WCRM LLU.