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VPU service enables Telco’s to provide DSL subscribers with connections through OTE equipment (DSLAM OTE), while offering at the same time voice services to their customers from their own equipment located at the Collocation site in OTE Local Exchanges.

The service refers to broadband connections such as ADSL, VDSL, VECTORING and Super VECTORING technology and is provided where OTE's active equipment (DSLAM) is installed in an outdoor cabin (KV)*.

There are two flavors available, VPU BRAS and VPU DSLAM connection, depending on whether it is combined with O.K.SY.A BRAS or O.K.SY.A DSLAM supplementary service for routing traffic to / from Telco network.

The service is available at the following speeds:

Access Speed Downstream (up to) Upstream (up to) 
VPU 24/1 24 Mbps 1 Mbps
VPU 30/3 30 Mbps 3 Mbps
VPU 50/5 50 Mbps 5 Mbps
VPU 100/10 100 Mbps 10 Mbps
VPU 200/20 200 Mbps 20 Mbps


*as they are gradually expanding within the corresponding NGA Roll-out of OTE's network.


  • Speeds up to 200 Mbps, as well as a choice of QoS.
  • Enhanced service characteristics (due to the proximity of the outdoor cabin (KV) to the final subscriber).
  • Take advantage of own infrastructure in order to provide traditional telco services. Network Maintenance by highly experienced OTE Technicians.
  • Augmented Security & Reliability (between data transmission backbone and fiber optic network)
  •  Guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA), (delivery, activation, troubleshooting).


  • Provided in very high speed Internet Access - (with advanced QoS characteristics, compared to traditional xDSL services).
  • IPTV & Interactive Services (e.g. gaming) - Using dedicated virtual circuit (vlan), enabling the prioritization of subscription traffic.
  • IP TelephonyVoIP - services combined with traditional voice & alarm services that can be offered by Telcos’ equipment.

**The above mentioned indicative applications are offered by Telco network.


Telco should also obtain OKSYA/SYMEFS DSLAM service, for routing the respective traffic to its own network

Additional Information

VPU service detailed information (VPU BRAS & VPU DSLAM) can be found at OTE’s Wholesale Local Access Reference Offer -RUO


For VPU Service pricelist, please press here


For VPU Technical Description, please watch the following video:


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How can I order VPU?

For start you have to be a licenced Telecom Provider.

Then you have to contact OTE Wholesale in order to register as an OTE Wholesale client.

Afterwards you have to sign Wholesale Local & Central Access Reference Offer contracts.

If you have followed all the steps described above, you can apply and monitor your VPU orders & connections through WCRM-LLU system.

There is also an API interface provided for order management automation.

What are the prerequisites for ordering VPU?

You have to sign Wholesale Local & Central Access Reference Offer contracts.

Moreover, you have to order an O.K.SY.A. or SY.ME.F.S. supplementary service at the central Exchanges collecting DSL traffic from one or more DSLAMs that provide VPU services.

VPU service availability is announced through WCRM-DSL system.

VPU service cannot be provided in cases where either A.RY.S. from KV or FLLU service cannot be provided.

Is there any time commitment for VPU?

You can request VPU service termination for a customer, whenever you want.

Where can I find VPU prices?

Current VPU one-off and recurring fees are always announced at

These fees are defined by local NRA on an annual basis.

VPU recurring fee applies from the day after delivery of the service regardless of the DSL modem installation at customer premises.

How can I announce a fault for VPU?

When you face a problem with your customer services, you can use WCRM-LLU system not only to announce a fault, but also to monitor fault management as well.

There is also an API interface provided for fault management automation.