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CPS - Carrier Preselection Service 

The CPS service enables OTE subscribers to choose the Telco through which they will handle one or more categories of telephone calls (urban, long distance, international and mobile calls)


  • Direct dialing, without entering a code.

  • An easy and simple procedure for the activation, cancellation and monitoring the progress of requests processed through the Wholesale-CRM Information System.

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What are the requirements in order to use Carrier Pre-selection (CPS)?

  • Initially you have to apply to NRA for Carrier Pre-selection prefix assignment (https://www.services.eett.gr/aitisis/index.do)

    Subsequently you notify OTE regarding the Carrier Pre-selection prefix assigned and you proceed with the signature of the Carrier Pre-selection contract.

  • After the previous step is concluded you notify ΟΤΕ with the data requested (contact details, company details), required for OTE Information Systems update.

    In the same time, you should request access -via www.otewholesale.gr- to W-CRM CPS/WLR, by declaring a user that will act as administrator (admin).

  • As soon as W-CRM CPS/WLR access is activated, ΟΤΕ will notify you regarding delivery of the admin user access code in WCRM that certified via signature of a delivery - receipt protocol.
  • Finally, the admin user of your company, using the access code granted, is connected to W-CRM and (optionally) requests the creation of new users, which receive their credentials electronically as soon as their approval process is finalised.