OTE Group of Companies provides specialized & reliable wholesale services for more than 20 years, and contributes significantly to the development of Greek Telco’s market.

As a modern, dynamic and customer centric high-performance organization, remains the market leader with  consistent and continuous investments in NGA networks.

Telco’s can easily create their own portfolio, by choosing from a wide range of the available  services:  

  • Next Generation & Broadband access
  • Copper access
  • Data
  • Voice
  • VAS 
  • Mobile

OTE Wholesale is  a stand - alone business unit  specialized in wholesale products & services , and at the same time offers full after-sales customer support.  

    Client Focused

Focused on customer experience excellence, as part of the OTE Group growth mindset, OTE Wholesale provides high-quality support and business approach/methods such as:

• Key Account Management – one stop service
• Fully automated ordering and management system - Wholesale CRM
• Online information system dedicated for in processing inquiries - customer service excellence
• Unique Billing Account per service - single bill 
Network maintenance by OTE, without additional operating expenses
• Guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) –for ordering, delivering & trouble ticketing – fault to repair

OTE Wholesale is the first choice for Telco’s, by being compliant to the regulatory requirements, applying non-discriminatory handling, full transparency and clear cost-oriented pricing policy.  Collaboration with providers creates sustainable growth in the  Greek Telco industry, which leads  to beneficial end result in favor of residential and business customers. Long-term synergies of mutual interest, provide healthy competition and strengthen the conditions of equity and market’s financial development.

At OTE Group everyone believes & works for a better world for all, exploiting the potential that technology offers.  


  Tailor Made Solutions & Flexibility

Deep knowledge of the industry and  continuous monitoring of the new trends, give OTE Wholesale the flexibility to design and offer customized solutions according to international standards. Customers’ specialized needs are fulfilled by OTE Wholesale team, utilizing project management methodologies:  

  • Clear and adequate requirement identification
  • Immaculate project design
  • Effective planning and coordination
  • Implementation within deadlines
  • High quality result

Full requirement satisfaction is achieved, due to the unit’s experience, soft skills capabilities and technological superiority  in project management