Capacity Provision - R.o.U. (Rights of Use) 

Capacity Provision through the Rights of Use (RoU) model refers to the long term provision of the exclusive right of use of high capacities,  establishing connections between two points of presence,  depending on Telecommunications Service Provider’s needs.

Telco pays in advance a pre-agreed price for the entire term of the agreement (up-front payment) and an addition annual amount for operation and maintenance (O&M) costs.

Thus Telco will have the right of use of the capacity for the time period set out in the Capacity Provision Agreement.


  • Establishing the exclusive and long term use of a backbone network offering high capacities
  • High quality communication and network availability
  • Reduced risks associated with the development of  private owned infrastructures
  • Reliability  and Security
  • Reduced operating costs for network management and maintenance
  • Flexibility in capacity upgrading for future needs
  • Financially beneficial solution