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WLR - Wholesale Line Rental

Thanks to the WLR service, a Telco will be able to lease out the access line of an end customer and provide him with fixed telephony services.

WLR service concerns PSTN, ISDN-BRA and managed VoIP access lines.


  • One single bill for a customer, thus enables closer and exclusive contact with and access to their needs.
  • The ability to have direct access to the market.
  • An easy and simple procedure for the activation, cancellation and monitoring the progress of requests processed through the WCRM CPS/WLR Information System.
  • Provision of a Basic Service Level Agreement (SLA), based on the following parameters:
  1. Service activation time
  2. Transfer time to new address
  3. Resolve failure time


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Which are the requirements for WLR (Wholesale Line Rental)?
  • Mandatory pre requisites are to already have Carrier Pre-selection (CPS) service activated and having signed the OTE Interconnection Contract.

  • Following the previous step you sign the WLR contract with ΟΤΕ.

  • Afterwards you initiate a request for WLR service via W-CRM CPS/WLR.

  • The process is concluded by informing OTE with static IP and public keys that will be used for your access to the CDR’s acquisition FTP server.
How are WLR tickets initiated and how are we informed regarding their status?

WLR services tickets are initiated and monitored via the W-CRM WLR Information System in a 24hr basis 365 days per year.